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Education Partners :


Over the last few years Amity Consultant has been Authorized to serve as representatives of the following institutes:

Sl. Name of the Institutes Country
1. Central Queensland University Australia
2. University of Southern Queensland Australia
3. University of Canberra Australia
4. Newcastle University Australia
5. Charles Sturt University Australia
6. Australian Catholic University Australia
7. University of Western Sydney Australia
8. Sydney Institute of Technology (SIT) Australia
9. Western Sydney College Australia
10. Uniworld Colleges Australia
11. Cambridge College Australia (Sydney)
12. Cambridge International College Australia (Melbourne)
13. Lincoln College UK
14. Western Governor's Graduate School UK
15. Carmel College of Excellence London UK
16. London School of Business & Management UK
17. CECOS College, London UK
18. Florida International University USA
19. Davenport University USA
20. Business & Management University Switzerland
21. Synergy Business College Canada
22. Tribenz International Inc. Canada
23. Cornell Institute NZ
24. The College of South Eastern Europe Greece
  (The American University of Athens)  
25. Royal Irish College Ireland

Although, Amity Consultants has been appointed student enrollment and recruiting Agent by the above institutes since commencement of services, it was not successful in recruiting students for some of those institutes for different reasons like, tuition fees payment policy, high tuition fees, non-availability and/or less employment opportunity for the students etc. Adverse situations somehow tempted Amity not to recruit students for certain institutes and or country even for which the Agency Agreement has not, subsequently,  been renewed.


However, a highly professional team of Counselors conducts the counseling services of Amity Consultants and it is anticipated that work arena will be increased day by day on receipt of agency approval from more and more institutes of different countries.

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